Borehole Quality or Price? The Dilemma Of Submersible Pump Installation in Zimbabwe

In our last article on borehole pumps, we mentioned the seven factors that you need to consider in order to select the right Submersible Borehole Pump. 

These are the borehole size, immersion depth, flow rate, pressure, power supply, and handling capabilities and borehole pump control features. Seven Factors To Consider To Select the Right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe

There is a diverse range of borehole pumps designed for several uses, including domestic use in residential homes and commercial use in agricultural, mining, marine, municipal, industrial and river water extraction. Today, our focus is on electric pumps, paying particular attention to the quality or price factors.
Quality or Price? The Dilemma Of Borehole Pump Installation.
Quality or Price? The Dilemma Of Borehole Pump Installation.
High-quality electric pumps are energy efficient, which reduces the risk of breakdowns. A pump that isn't energy efficient is not only bad for the environment but also bad for your bank account.

Many homeowners assume that bigger is better with borehole pumps and they fit massively overpowered pumps that use far more energy than necessary, costing them hundreds of dollars a year in energy utility bills.

Selecting a good pump size can be done with the recommendation of your Borehole Driller, who is aware of the borehole depth, the yield of your borehole and the purpose for which the resource will be used. It would be best to make an informed decision when choosing which pump to install in your borehole.

Generally, electric pumps are considered for low - high volume applications and work very well at great depths. Some models are also fitted with a different material inside which eliminates the possibility of the pump seizing, ensuring the long-term operation of the pump. A well-selected pump will typically give many years of good service.
Quality or Price? The Dilemma Of Borehole Pump Installation.
Quality or Price? The Dilemma Of Borehole Pump Installation.
Purchasing a borehole pump on the price factor might be good for the pocket, but a price compromise usually affects the efficiency of the product in the long run.

High-quality pumps can be costly, but selecting the right pump – even if it is more expensive in the short term – will be highly beneficial over the lifespan of the installation.

Strike a balance between quality and purpose vis a vis purpose and price. This means that you get a strong and long-lasting pump that fulfils the purpose for which you have drilled the borehole.

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