Client Commitment

Nakiso Borehole Drilling offers a full service to our clients ranging from design, construction, installation, development, test pumping, commissioning and licensing and our team of expert engineers are dedicated to providing an unrivalled level of service to our clients in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner.

We are dedicated to servicing clients and providing the best advice and guidance drawn from our unparalleled experience working on high profile projects across Zimbabwe.

1. We will provide the best value for money in the industry.

2. We will quote accurate and realistic delivery times and endeavour to complete agreed services on schedule.

3. We will keep our clients fully informed throughout the works process on works activities.

4. We will do in every respect what we say we will do.

5. We will provide a fast and efficient backup service when required.

6. We will promptly inform and consult our clients in the event of any changes in specification deemed necessary at any stage during the works process.

Water Is Our Business!

Nakiso Borehole Drilling - The Best Borehole Drilling Company in Zimbabwe!

Nakiso Borehole Drilling has experience and knowledgeable workforce to work on any type of installation. From solar powered, electrical and manual pump installation, we do it all under one roof. Nakiso Borehole Drilling covers borehole siting, drilling and installation of pumps.