Borehole Flushing In Zimbabwe - What Causes Borehole Siltation and Why You Need To Flush Your Borehole!

At Nakiso Borehole Drilling we once completed an interesting project where initially our client suspected that the aquifer was running dry, as the borehole output had dropped off and the pump was sucking air. 

Due to the location of the site and knowledge of the ground conditions, we suspected that the fault was more than likely due to the PVC bore screen having become blocked and silted up.

So once our client had contacted us, with our Operation Manager's vast knowledge of hands-on engineering skills, he devised a method to desilt the bore and clean the bore screen section. As soon as our engineers arrived on site they immediately realised that our suspicions were, in fact, correct, as all around the borehole entrance and surrounding area was a fine film of silt. 

We flushed the Borehole and within a short period of time, it was obvious that our plan was going to be successful, as we had removed quite a large volume of silt from the borehole increasing the yield. 

The more silt we removed the greater the yield.
Borehole Flushing In Zimbabwe - What Causes Borehole Siltation and Why You Need To Flush Your Borehole!
Borehole Flushing In Zimbabwe
Once this process was completed a new pump was installed and the bore test pump. Our client was ecstatic as they had started to consider that it was going to be necessary to drill a new borehole water supply. 

If you are experiencing similar problems then contact us for further advice, we would be more than happy to offer our services.

Borehole Flushing: Borehole Flushing is needed when the pores of the aquifer inside the borehole get clogged by slit and sand-sized particles or mineral deposits reducing the permeability of the aquifer making it difficult to pump water, thus reducing the water yield. 

This can happen over the course after prolonged usage of a borehole for years or it can happen quickly after just a couple of years depending upon a variety of factors. 

These particles that deter the water flow, may reduce the water yield, change its odour, colour, or even taste and hence must be removed as soon as possible to improve the water yield and quality. And this is where our Borehole Flushing Services in Zimbabwe come in.
Borehole Flushing In Zimbabwe
Borehole Flushing In Zimbabwe
We can help you accomplish this quickly and efficiently at an affordable price point.

At Nakiso Borehole Drilling, we use high-pressure water injection procedures with advanced air compressors and flushing tools. Compressed air is passed into the borehole clearing out all the silt and sand, raw dust, decayed particles, mineral deposits, and other extraneous particles that are causing the borehole to clog. 

The borehole flushing process is continued until all the particles are cleared and a clean stream of water is pumped out of the borehole. After a borehole is thoroughly flushed you can enjoy a clean and boosted water yield that continues for years.

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