Borehole Siting

Nakiso Borehole Drilling is a knowledgeable and experienced borehole siting services company based in Harare but operates across the country.

We have specialised and qualified borehole siting personnel and hydro-geologists who can undertake site visits for assessment purposes.

There are usually two methods used for siting in our country. These are the traditional method and the survey method. Traditional methods usually involve water dowsing. Water dowsing, also known as water witching, divining, or doodle bugging is a practice of locating water underneath the ground using a forked stick, a pair of l-shaped rods, a pendulum or another tool that will respond when the individual moves above a location that will yield enough water when drilled.

Although the practice of dowsing in siting can yield good results, hydrologists and geologists generally do not endorse the practice.

The Geological Survey method usually involves the study of a geological map. These maps show the types of rocks that exist below the ground and also the direction of dip. The dip of the rock units and the topography of the area can, therefore, be studied to determine the direction of groundwater flow, potential water recharge areas, springs and discharge points.
Borehole Siting

Some information that geologists look for also includes information about previous wells drilled in the local area. Geologists also keep a file of rock types penetrated and the quantity of water produced for each well drilled.

It is also common for hydrologists to examine aerial photos when siting a borehole in a challenging area. These photos often show linear features that may indicate fracture zones beneath the surface.

When siting a borehole at Nakiso Borehole Drilling, we base our recommendations on the characteristics of the land and rocks beneath, results from the previous drilling and also principles of groundwater movement.

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