Seven Factors To Consider To Select the Right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe

Borehole Drilling Is Not A Simple Process. That is why, when it comes to Borehole Drilling and Installation the best Guarantee you can have on your borehole is to make sure that your Borehole Driller is the one who does the installation.

Differing geological formations encountered may provide difficulties that even the most experienced driller may find challenging! Decisions made initially can be found to be problematic, but this does not necessarily demonstrate incompetence or malpractice.

Drilling is a profession where practical problems require practical solutions and skilled Borehole Drillers will be able to apply a range of possible solutions to meet a myriad of downhole problems as they occur.

Despite the best endeavours of the Borehole Drilling Company, a Borehole may not produce the quality or quantity of water you require. It may, therefore, be necessary to the existing bore, provided it has not already been cased, or drill another one close by.

A perfectly drilled Borehole may not yield sufficient or large quantities of water. No water, or poor yield, is not sufficient reason to withhold payment unless the contract between both parties has such a clause incorporated.

Seven Factors To Consider To Select the Right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe:

Interrupted water supply, poor water pressure, unnecessary energy consumption and excessive pump maintenance are issues that can all be expected if the wrong borehole water pump is selected for your installation. 

With lots of options on the market, making a decision on what model you need can be quite daunting. This is exactly why as one of the leading Borehole Drillers and Installers, Nakiso Borehole Drilling has put together this handy guide to the factors you need to consider when selecting the right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe.

If you are reading this article then you will already know that borehole pumps are a very specific design of thin, vertical pumps to be immersed into a drilled Borehole in the ground to extract water. Their very specific application means that there are some features that are standard amongst all submersible borehole water pumps for example being made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless PVC to prevent abrasion caused by the earth and mineral deposits. But in other ways, they can vary.
Seven Factors To Consider To Select the Right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe
Seven Factors To Consider To Select the Right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe
1. Borehole Size: Typically, you will find that most boreholes for private water supply are 140 to 180 mm in diameter, making 100mm borehole pumps our most commonly selected models.

2. Immersion Depth: How deep a borehole is drilled into the ground depends upon the depth of the groundwater level that it needs to reach. Different models of submersible borehole water pumps have different maximum immersion depths, so it is vital that the selected pump is able to efficiently operate at the water level in question.

3. Flow Rate: The required flow rate of a borehole pump (this being the speed at which the water is moved) is directly affected by the demand on the water supply and what it is being used for. For example, a borehole supplying water to several domestic properties for their drinking, toilets, showers and washing will require a much higher flow than one that is simply used for periodic cleaning down of equipment.

4. Pressure: By nature, borehole water pumps typically offer high pressures due to having to pump long distances vertically. However, it does need to be ensured that the selected model is able to generate the pressure required to get the water supply to where it needs to be. 
Seven Factors To Consider To Select the Right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe
Seven Factors To Consider To Select the Right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe
This depends upon the depth of the borehole to ground level and then the distance from the ground level to the final endpoint e.g. where the water tank is sited. The further the distance, the higher the pressure requirements of the borehole pump to prevent the water from trickling out. When it comes to both flow and pressure, it is common for a margin of safety to be added to ensure that once installed the pump does not fall short. 

Oversizing however is one of the largest causes of pump inefficiency resulting in unnecessary energy consumption and electricity costs, so we recommend being as accurate as you can when determining duty requirements.

5. Power Supply: Check whether it is a 230v or 400v electricity supply you have on-site, as this is something that needs to be considered when selecting which submersible borehole pump you need for your installation.

6. Sand Handling Capabilities: Depending upon the location of the water source in question, there may be more sand content in the water than others. When this is the case, the borehole pump needs to be able to handle the sand without clogging or abrasion. Models with self-cleaning floating impellers are typically able to pump more g/m3 than others and should be selected.
Seven Factors To Consider To Select the Right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe
Seven Factors To Consider To Select the Right Borehole Pump in Zimbabwe
7. Borehole Pump Control Features: By implementing control features alongside a borehole pump, it can help private water supply feel as close as possible to getting water off the mains:

  • Starter box – on/off switch
  • Variable speed drive – Adjust pumps speed to the current demand on the water supply
  • Overload protection - Stops pump running when experiencing voltage overload to prevent pump damage.
  • Dry run protection – Stops pump running when there is a low water level to prevent burnout and pump damage.
If you are still not sure what you need, then that is where we come in! 

Our Technical Sales Engineers have been specifying borehole pumps to Borehole Drillers, Water Engineering Companies as well as Owners of private water systems. Simply give us a call on +263 78 860 8009 and we will advise you on the borehole water pump that best suits your installation.

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