Reliable Water at Your Doorstep: Your Guide to Borehole Drilling in Mutare, Zimbabwe

At Nakiso Borehole Drilling (, we understand the challenges of water insecurity in Mutare. 

Unpredictable rainfall and dependence on municipal supplies can leave residents and businesses vulnerable. That's why we offer comprehensive borehole drilling solutions, providing a reliable and sustainable water source for your property.

Why Choose a Borehole in Mutare?

  1. Independent Water Security: Droughts and water shortages are a constant concern. A borehole offers a dependable, independent water source, freeing you from reliance on municipal supplies.
  2. Cost-Effective in the Long Run: While the initial investment may seem significant, boreholes offer substantial cost savings compared to bottled water or unreliable municipal supplies.
  3. Increased Property Value: A reliable water source enhances the value of your Mutare property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters.
  4. Promotes Sustainability: Boreholes encourage rainwater harvesting and water conservation practices, contributing to a more sustainable future for Mutare.

Nakiso Borehole Drilling: Your Local Mutare Experts

We are a Mutare-based company with extensive experience in the region. Our team understands the unique geological makeup of the area and can accurately determine the optimal location for your borehole.
Reliable Water at Your Doorstep: Your Guide to Borehole Drilling in Mutare, Zimbabwe
Reliable Water at Your Doorstep: Your Guide to Borehole Drilling in Mutare, Zimbabwe

Here's what sets us apart:
  1. Expert Site Assessment: Our highly trained professionals use advanced technology to identify the ideal drilling location for maximum water yield and long-term functionality.
  2. Efficient Drilling Techniques: Equipped with modern drilling rigs and employing proven methods, we guarantee efficient and successful borehole projects, minimizing disruption to your property.
  3. Custom Borehole Solutions: We offer a variety of borehole casing diameters and depths to cater to diverse water usage needs, from domestic households to large-scale irrigation for Mutare's agricultural sector.
  4. Professional Pump Installation: Our team expertly installs the most suitable pump system for your borehole, ensuring efficient water extraction for your specific requirements.
  5. Reliable After-Sales Support: Our commitment extends beyond installation. We provide ongoing customer service and technical support to guarantee the long-term performance of your borehole.

Beyond Water: Specialized Drilling Services in Mutare

  1. In addition to water boreholes, Nakiso Borehole Drilling offers specialized drilling services valuable to Mutare's development:
  1. RC Drilling (Reverse Circulation Drilling): A valuable tool for mineral exploration, geotechnical investigations, and environmental sampling, crucial for Mutare's construction and development projects.
  2. Blast Hole Drilling: Precise drilling for controlled blasting operations in mining, quarrying, and construction projects, contributing to Mutare's infrastructure development.

Why Choose Nakiso Borehole Drilling in Mutare?

  1. Local Expertise: We understand Mutare's specific geological conditions and can provide tailored solutions.
  2. Experience and Expertise: Our team comprises highly skilled and certified professionals with extensive experience in various drilling disciplines.
  3. Unwavering Commitment to Quality: We utilize only top-tier equipment and materials, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your borehole or other drilled features.
  4. Rigorous Quality Control: Strict quality control procedures are implemented throughout every project, guaranteeing exceptional results.
  5. Sustainable Practices: We are committed to environmentally responsible drilling practices, minimizing our impact on the surroundings.

Ready for a Reliable Water Source in Mutare?

Contact Nakiso Borehole Drilling today for a free consultation and quote. Let's discuss your specific requirements and explore how we can help you achieve sustainable water access for your Mutare property.

Nakiso Borehole Drilling: Your Trusted Partner for Safe, Sustainable Water Access

At Nakiso Borehole Drilling, we are your comprehensive partner for unlocking reliable water on your property. Our highly skilled team tackles all drilling projects, from standard boreholes to specialized Blast Hole and RC Drilling. We handle everything in-house for a seamless experience, encompassing expert borehole siting, efficient drilling, and pump installation – solar, electric, or manual – tailored to your specific needs. With Nakiso, your reliable water source is just a drill away.

We don't just strive to be the best; we maintain the industry's strictest quality standards and are committed to sustainable practices for the future of Zimbabwe's water security.

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Five Facts About Borehole Drilling That You Need To Take Note Of:
1. Know Your Borehole Casings:The Preferred Borehole Casing In Zimbabwe Is Class 9 and 10 (Pressure Classes.)This is because Class 9 and Class 10 Casings are more collapse resistant. The strength of a Casing is often described as collapse resistance.

2. Borehole Drilling Depth: The exact depth, of where the water is located, cannot be established by the drilling contractor nor the Water Surveyor (Borehole Siter).

3. The Is No 100% Guarantee On Water: It is important to note that it is never a 100% guarantee that any hole will yield water, the amount and water quality can also not be guaranteed by the drilling contractor and water surveyor.

4. Borehole Siting or Water Surveying Is Important: Making use of a hydrologist or traditional water diviner will increase your chances of having a successful borehole that will yield a sufficient amount of water.

5. Know The Risks: The risk of the borehole drilling lies with the property owner. The client will still be liable for the drilling costs irrespective of a borehole yielding water or not.

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The Reliable Choice for Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe

Frustrated with unreliable water access? Look no further than Nakiso Borehole Drilling! Our team of water well experts boasts extensive experience and knowledge, tackling any type of borehole installation you may require.

Worried about the technicalities? Relax – Nakiso Borehole Drilling streamlines the entire process, from the initial step of meticulously selecting the optimal borehole location on your property to the final pump installation. And when it comes to pumps, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs and preferences. Choose from solar-powered pumps, a sustainable and eco-friendly solution, or opt for the convenience of electrical pumps. For those seeking a more traditional approach, manual bush pumps are also available.

With Nakiso Borehole Drilling, you benefit from a comprehensive water solution – all delivered by a single, trusted provider. Let us help you unlock a reliable and long-lasting source of water for your home or business.

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