Nakiso Borehole Drilling Recognizes World Tuberculosis Day: Shining Light on Global Health Challenges

As the world marks March 24th as World Tuberculosis Day, Nakiso Borehole Drilling stands in solidarity with global efforts to combat one of humanity's oldest and deadliest infectious diseases. 

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a pressing global health issue, with millions of people affected every year, particularly in developing countries where access to healthcare and sanitation infrastructure may be limited.

World Tuberculosis Day serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing battle against TB and the need for concerted action to eradicate this disease. Established to commemorate the discovery of the TB bacterium by Dr. Robert Koch in 1882, this day provides an opportunity to raise awareness about TB and mobilize support for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment initiatives worldwide.

TB continues to pose a significant threat to public health, claiming over a million lives annually. Its impact extends beyond the individual, affecting families, communities, and entire nations. Despite considerable progress in combating TB over the years, challenges such as drug resistance, limited access to healthcare services, and social stigmas persist, hindering efforts to eliminate the disease.

At Nakiso Borehole Drilling, we recognize the interconnected nature of health and development. Access to clean water is fundamental to public health, including the prevention and control of TB. Adequate sanitation facilities and hygiene practices play a crucial role in reducing the transmission of TB and other infectious diseases. Therefore, as we commemorate World Tuberculosis Day, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting sustainable solutions that address the root causes of health disparities.
Nakiso Borehole Drilling Recognizes World Tuberculosis Day: Shining Light on Global Health Challenges
Nakiso Borehole Drilling Recognizes World Tuberculosis Day: Shining Light on Global Health Challenges
Through our borehole drilling projects, we aim to improve access to safe and clean water in underserved communities, contributing to better health outcomes and reducing the burden of waterborne diseases, including TB. By providing reliable water sources, we empower communities to lead healthier lives and strengthen their resilience against health emergencies.

Furthermore, Nakiso Borehole Drilling recognizes the importance of collaboration and partnership in tackling complex health challenges such as TB. We applaud the efforts of governments, non-governmental organizations, healthcare professionals, researchers, and advocates working tirelessly to combat TB and support those affected by the disease. Together, we can achieve a world free from the burden of tuberculosis.

As we commemorate World Tuberculosis Day, let us renew our commitment to ending TB once and for all. Let us work together to ensure access to quality healthcare, promote awareness and education, and address the social determinants of health that perpetuate the cycle of poverty and disease. Together, we can make a difference and build a healthier, more equitable world for all.

In solidarity with the global community, Nakiso Borehole Drilling reaffirms its dedication to advancing the cause of health and well-being for everyone, everywhere. 

Together, let us shine a light on World Tuberculosis Day and strive for a future where TB is no longer a threat to our communities.

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At Nakiso Borehole Drilling, we are your comprehensive partner for unlocking reliable water on your property. Our highly skilled team tackles all drilling projects, from standard boreholes to specialized Blast Hole and RC Drilling. We handle everything in-house for a seamless experience, encompassing expert borehole siting, efficient drilling, and pump installation – solar, electric, or manual – tailored to your specific needs. With Nakiso, your reliable water source is just a drill away.

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Five Facts About Borehole Drilling That You Need To Take Note Of:
1. Know Your Borehole Casings:The Preferred Borehole Casing In Zimbabwe Is Class 9 and 10 (Pressure Classes.)This is because Class 9 and Class 10 Casings are more collapse resistant. The strength of a Casing is often described as collapse resistance.

2. Borehole Drilling Depth: The exact depth, of where the water is located, cannot be established by the drilling contractor nor the Water Surveyor (Borehole Siter).

3. The Is No 100% Guarantee On Water: It is important to note that it is never a 100% guarantee that any hole will yield water, the amount and water quality can also not be guaranteed by the drilling contractor and water surveyor.

4. Borehole Siting or Water Surveying Is Important: Making use of a hydrologist or traditional water diviner will increase your chances of having a successful borehole that will yield a sufficient amount of water.

5. Know The Risks: The risk of the borehole drilling lies with the property owner. The client will still be liable for the drilling costs irrespective of a borehole yielding water or not.

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