Mwana Group Schools Rugby Festival Returns: A Week of Thrills, Rugby Revival, and Inspiring the Next Generation

Local rugby fans in Zimbabwe, rejoice! Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated return of the Mwana Group Schools Rugby Festival, taking place at Prince Edward School in Harare from April 28th to May 4th, 2024. 

This week-long celebration of the sport promises to be a thrilling display of young talent, a vital catalyst for reigniting Zimbabwe's rugby spirit, and the icing on the cake – a much-awaited showdown between the national team, the Sables, and their Zambian rivals.

A Platform for Rising Stars

The festival serves as a premier platform for over 120 primary and secondary schools from across Zimbabwe, joined by teams from neighboring Southern African nations. This is a golden opportunity to witness the future stars of Zimbabwean rugby take center stage, showcasing their skills, determination, and passion for the game. 
Sables Captain Hilton-Mudariki and Prop Tyran Fagan Singing The National Anthem
Sables Captain Hilton-Mudariki and Prop Tyran Fagan Singing The National Anthem
The energy and enthusiasm radiating from these young athletes will undoubtedly rekindle the nation's love affair with rugby, inspiring a new generation to embrace the sport.

A Festival Steeped in History

The Mwana Group Schools Rugby Festival boasts a rich legacy, being the oldest and biggest school rugby festival in Zimbabwe. Dating back to 1986, the event has served as a breeding ground for local talent and a cherished tradition within the sporting calendar. Recognizing its significance, Mwana Group has stepped forward as the new sponsor for the next five years, demonstrating a strong commitment to reviving the festival's legacy and ensuring its continued success.

Building a Stronger Rugby Ecosystem

Kuda Mutenda, CEO of Mwana Group and a former Prince Edward rugby player himself, understands the importance of nurturing talent from the ground up. "We need to get more people to play rugby," he emphasizes. The festival actively promotes this philosophy by fostering inclusivity. 

Schools from diverse backgrounds – government, mission, rural areas, and girls' teams – will all be represented, creating a truly diverse and enriching sporting experience.

Beyond the Games: Inspiring the Next Generation

The highlight of the festival is undoubtedly the Sables' highly anticipated home match against Zambia on May 4th. Witnessing the national team in action on home soil after a three-year hiatus will be a truly electrifying experience for the young participants. The sight of these seasoned professionals battling it out will undoubtedly ignite a spark in the young athletes, inspiring them to dream big and aspire to one day wear the Sables jersey themselves.

Investing in the Future of Rugby

Mwana Group's dedication to the festival extends beyond the games themselves. Recognizing the importance of a strong foundation within the sport, the festival will offer valuable training programs for officials, referees, and sports administrators. This commitment to capacity building will further strengthen the infrastructure of Zimbabwean rugby, ensuring a brighter future for the sport at all levels.

A Week of Celebration

The Mwana Group Schools Rugby Festival promises to be a week-long extravaganza filled with exhilarating matches, inspiring stories of dedication and perseverance, and a renewed sense of national pride in Zimbabwean rugby. It's a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and the power of sport to unite communities. Gather your friends and family, don your favorite team colors, and prepare to be swept up in the electrifying atmosphere of this momentous event. 

Witness the future stars of Zimbabwean rugby take center stage, cheer on the Sables as they battle it out for national glory, and be a part of a week that promises to re-ignite the nation's passion for the beautiful game.

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