Championing Social Justice Through Sustainable Borehole Solutions in Zimbabwe with Nakiso.

Nakiso Borehole Drilling Company, based in Zimbabwe, has emerged as a leading force in the realm of borehole drilling, contributing not only to water accessibility but also to the broader goal of social justice. As we commemorate the World Day of Social Justice, it is crucial to highlight the exemplary efforts of Nakiso in promoting sustainable practices, community engagement, and equitable access to water resources.

The Significance of World Day of Social Justice:

World Day of Social Justice, observed annually on February 20th, serves as a global platform to address issues related to poverty, inequality, and social exclusion. It emphasizes the need for fair and inclusive development that ensures the well-being of all members of society. Nakiso's commitment to these principles aligns seamlessly with the overarching goals of this international observance.

Nakiso's Sustainable Borehole Solutions:

Nakiso has positioned itself as a trailblazer in providing sustainable borehole solutions that go beyond mere water provision. By utilizing advanced drilling technologies and eco-friendly practices, Nakiso minimizes environmental impact and ensures the longevity of water sources. This commitment to sustainability is a testament to the company's dedication to social justice by safeguarding natural resources for future generations.

Community Engagement and Empowerment:

One of Nakiso's core principles is community engagement. The company actively involves local communities in the borehole drilling process, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment. By collaborating with residents, Nakiso not only addresses their immediate water needs but also creates sustainable solutions that enhance community resilience and self-sufficiency.

Equitable Access to Water Resources:

Nakiso recognizes the importance of equitable access to water resources in promoting social justice. The company strives to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas, ensuring that marginalized communities have the same access to clean and reliable water sources as their more privileged counterparts. This dedication to equality aligns with the World Day of Social Justice's goal of eliminating disparities and fostering inclusivity.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives:

In addition to its primary drilling operations, Nakiso actively participates in various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. These efforts extend beyond water-related projects and encompass education, healthcare, and community development. Nakiso's CSR endeavors underscore its commitment to creating a more just and equitable society, aligning with the broader themes of the World Day of Social Justice.

In summation, Nakiso Borehole Drilling Company stands as a shining example of a business that goes beyond profit-making, prioritizing social justice and sustainability. As we observe the World Day of Social Justice, Nakiso's efforts serve as an inspiration for other companies to integrate social responsibility into their business models. Through sustainable borehole solutions, community engagement, and a commitment to equitable access, Nakiso is not just drilling for water; it's drilling for a more just and inclusive world.

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Five Facts About Borehole Drilling That You Need To Take Note Of:
1. Know Your Borehole Casings:The Preferred Borehole Casing In Zimbabwe Is Class 9 and 10 (Pressure Classes.)This is because Class 9 and Class 10 Casings are more collapse resistant. The strength of a Casing is often described as collapse resistance.

2. Borehole Drilling Depth: The exact depth, of where the water is located, cannot be established by the drilling contractor nor the Water Surveyor (Borehole Siter).

3. The Is No 100% Guarantee On Water: It is important to note that it is never a 100% guarantee that any hole will yield water, the amount and water quality can also not be guaranteed by the drilling contractor and water surveyor.

4. Borehole Siting or Water Surveying Is Important: Making use of a hydrologist or traditional water diviner will increase your chances of having a successful borehole that will yield a sufficient amount of water.

5. Know The Risks: The risk of the borehole drilling lies with the property owner. The client will still be liable for the drilling costs irrespective of a borehole yielding water or not.

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