A Complete Guide to Ball Valves For Borehole Installation With Nakiso Borehole Drilling

Some appliances perform vital functions, and people are not aware of them just because they are small or not within the eye’s grasp most of the time. 

These mechanical parts are used daily, and a minor fault could render a giant machine useless. An example of this is the ball valve. 

Ball valves are used in every industry, from healthcare to mining, food processing, oil and gas, and even homes.

What is a Ball Valve? 

A ball valve is a mechanical flow control device that is used to modulate and direct the flow of liquid through it. This shut-off ball valve serves as a guide to handling different substances like gas, petrol, and other pressure liquids flow. The ball valve uses a perforated, hollow, and pivoting ball to achieve this.

This valve consists of a spherical obturator with a cylindrical hole as wide as a pipe, valve handle, and ball with a hole drilled into it. It is put to work by rotating the ball (using the handle) 90⁰ around its axis; this either lets the substance go through or blocks its movement.

After the handle is rotated, the valve gets to a closed position, and the solid side of the ball effectively creates a seal and obstruction, keeping the contents of the substance trapped. 

Ball valves are solid, durable, and easy to repair. They are an excellent choice for industrial and personal shut-off applications. Ball valves are used in various hydrocarbon process applications; they are capable of throttling gasses and vapor.

List Of Common Types Of Ball Valves 

Ball valves come in different specifications:

1. Standard Port Ball Valve 

2. Full Port Ball Valve

3. V Port Ball Valve

4. Multi Port Ball Valve

5. True Union Ball Valve

6. Manually Operated Ball Valve

7. Sanitary Ball Valve

Below are six crucial parts that can be found in every ball valve:

The body - This is the central part of the entire device and contains all of the internal components. Usually, a valve’s body is made of metal, metal with ceramic or plastic. 

Ball - The main characteristic that differentiates ball valves from other valve types is a ball with a center hole or bore. It is through this center hole that the media flows. This hole connects the inlet to the outlet through one axis. The ball is either free-floating or Trunnion mounted. 

Seats - The seats are discs placed in between the body and the ball. They support the ball and provide a seal between it and the body. 

Stem - It is the stem in a ball valve that connects the rotary ball to an external control system. In a manually operated ball valve, for example, it is the stem that is connected to a lever or handle.

Power Source - For the stem of the ball valve to be able to rotate, a manual or actuated power source is required to provide energy to it.

Packing - The packing is a seal around the stem that prevents the substance from escaping.

Bonnet - The bonnet is visible in the opening of the body; it is used to cover this opening in the ball valve. The bonnet also serves as a pressure boundary. It accommodates the ball and stem assembly with its cap fastened tight to the body. 

In a nutshell, ball valves have numerous functions and this makes them really popular amongst manufacturers. They are the most commonly used mechanical device for not only industrial but household applications as well. 

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