7 Reasons Why You Need A Water Dispenser In Your Office in Zimbabwe

What is the importance of a water dispenser in the office? 

We all want to be productive and happy at work, especially with all the life bumps we are experiencing at the moment. Here are a few reasons why your office needs a water dispenser with borehole water to keep your colleagues and customers hydrated and healthy!

7 Reasons Why You Need A Water Dispenser In Your Office in Zimbabwe 

1. The Health Benefits Are Endless

The benefits of hydration for the immune system and overall health are immeasurable.

Staff may benefit from having a filtered water dispenser in the office, not just for getting up and stretching their legs, but for reducing stress and headaches due to dehydration, improving digestion, and protecting against nasty illnesses.

2. Clean And Easy To Maintain

Right now, clean (sanitized!) communal spaces or of crucial importance – no need to remind you of that! Even if it is only a single button push, office water machines such as the H2O | BWT water dispensers need an element of touch to operate, and so it is important that it is regularly cleaned in order to prevent any nasty bugs from spreading! With H2O | BWT’s sleek design, you can easily wipe down the product with a cloth and disinfectant cleaning spray, and the drip tray is easily removable and dishwasher-safe.

As far as office water dispensers go, the H2O | BWT water dispensers are low maintenance. For optimal performance, descale your hot water tank and change the water filter every six months. We even have water dispensers with UV lights for extra sanitisation.

3. Boosts Productivity And Concentration

Every now and then, everyone feels tired at work or forgets to do something. Unless you had a bad nights rest or a good night’s party, the tiredness is likely due to you being thirsty.

Dehydration can have a devastating impact on concentration, productivity, and energy levels. When the body is dehydrated, heart rates and body temperatures can increase dramatically, resulting in headaches and discomfort, meaning many are unable to concentrate regularly and able to give their best.

Consequently, the UK National Health Services (NHS) recommends drinking six to eight glasses (about 1.2 litres) of water per day in order to stay hydrated. Employees can reverse (or better yet, prevent!) the effects of dehydration as soon as they arrive by using the H2O | BWT office water dispensers. For a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, ditch the sugary snacks, coffee and energy drinks, and grab a refreshing glass of water instead – it will do wonders for your alertness!

4. It Saves Money
We all know how quickly overheads can pile up. An H2O | BWT water dispenser can deliver cold water with a continuous flow at 1.1 liters with a 10 min recovery period and has a heating capacity of 5.0 l/hr at 90ºC.

Our bottle-less water dispensers are so much cheaper and more convenient than the bottled variety. We simply place the water dispenser where do you need it, and then direct water from your mains into the water dispenser and through a water filter for the best clean, safe water you could for, 24/7 (for those through-the-night machos), at the touch of a lever.

In addition, a plumbed-in office water dispenser can also save employees a lot of money on their own. A constant supply of fresh, filtered water means that you don’t have to purchase plastic water bottles or coffee on your way to work; trust us, you won’t need filtered coffee from the corner store – filtered water makes your hot drink so much better.

5. Reduces Waste And Increases Sustainability
Our guess is that when you picture an office water dispenser, you see an upturned bottle of blue water that’s always empty, right? These old-fashioned machines are not only difficult to maintain and impractical, they are also detrimental to the environment as they are made from plastics that are not sustainable. The trucks and vans that deliver the water bottles pollute the atmosphere.

It is also much more environmentally friendly to use the water that the municipality delivers to your location. If you just think of all the tax money that is used to treat and pipe water to your location, it does not make a whole lot of sense to still buy bottled water – the single-use plastic portable one in your hand, or the big bottle that goes into the top of a water dispenser!

With a bottle-less water dispenser installed in your office, you can keep your staff hydrated throughout the day without using plastic add-ons. Are you trying to increase your business’ sustainability profile? You have come to the right place.

6. Space-saving
In the communal breakout fridge, it is always a battle for space. A fridge space in the office is a valuable resource, whether it is full lunch boxes, communal milk and… single-use plastic water bottles. Not to mention social distancing and how it may impact how we store personal items during a pandemic!

H2O | BWT water dispensers act as a kettle, a water filter, and a water jug all in one. Plus, you’ll have more countertop space and fewer unsightly wires to contend with, so the next time a client visits your office kitchen, you’ll look much more professional.

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7. A Diverse Range Of Payment Options
We offer a range of buying options for water dispensers at your office, whether you want to purchase it outright or rent it. In addition, your H2O | BWT water dispenser comes with a standard two-year warranty. Contact us to learn more.

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