Love Your Liver - 25 Ways to Love Your Liver Health!

January Is Love Your Liver Awareness Month: For January 2022 we are asking people to make a pledge to love their livers, from starting a fitness challenge, to changing your diet or cutting out alcohol, there are loads of different ways to show your liver some love.

Did you know that 9 in 10 liver disease cases can be prevented?
Love Your Liver - 25 Ways to Love Your Liver Health!
Love Your Liver - 25 Ways to Love Your Liver Health!

Love Your Liver is our national awareness campaign devoted to liver health awareness and giving people the key steps needed to keep their liver healthy.

  1. Avoid taking unnecessary medications. Too many chemicals can harm the liver.
  2. If you are a person who was born between 1946 and 1964 then, get tested for Hepatitis C today.
  3. Don’t mix medications without the advice of a doctor. Mixing medications could be poisonous to your liver.
  4. Drink alcohol responsibly.
  5. Never mix alcohol with other drugs and medications.
  6. Be careful when using aerosol cleaners. The liver has to detoxify what you breathe in. Make sure the room is well ventilated or wear a mask.
  7. Bug sprays, paint sprays and all those other chemical sprays you use can cause harm as well. Be careful what you breathe.
  8. Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B and make sure your children are vaccinated as well.
  9. If you get a tattoo, make sure you only use single needles and ink pots. No sharing!
  10. Exercise regularly – walk a little further, climb the stairs.
  11. Don’t share personal use items such as combs, razors, and manicure tools.
  12. Teach your children what a syringe looks like and that they should leave it alone.
  13. If you received a blood transfusion prior to 1992, you may have hepatitis C. You should talk to your healthcare provider about getting tested.
  14. Use caution and common sense regarding intimate contact – hepatitis can be transmitted through blood.
  15. Eat a well-balanced, nutritionally adequate diet. If you enjoy foods from each of the food groups you will probably obtain the nutrients you need.
  16. Keep your weight close to ideal. Medical research has established a direct correlation between obesity and the development of fatty liver disease.
  17. Do not smoke.
  18. If you have anybody piercing, check that the instruments used are properly sterilized or used only once
  19. Increase your intake of high-fibre foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread, rice and cereals.
  20. At your annual physical, ask your doctor to do a complete liver blood analysis.
  21. Take the right dosage of medication – too much can cause trouble.
  22. Help someone else – sign an organ donor card.
  23. See your doctor for regular check-ups and share any information about health problems.
  24. Make a contribution to the American Liver Foundation to help further the work of the Foundation, including research.
  25. Remember liver disease can happen to anyone – from infants to the elderly. Do your part to stay healthy.

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