Women And Water - Now I Have Water. Then What? (A Woman's Crisis)

We have shown how much better our children would perform if they have access to clean water. 

We have also answered why access to water ultimately protects our wives, mothers, daughters and sisters from harassment and unwelcome advances. The question then becomes, what would you do if you had access to more water? You have probably answered that already.

It goes without saying that your property value increases with the presence of a borehole on site. It unlocks your potential to earn more from your land through direct property investments (rentals or sale of land) or projects such as poultry farming and gardening which directly or indirectly depend on water for sustenance. Possibilities become certainties when one realizes that their small garden or livestock project can supply the local butchery or local supermarket with produce.

Water indirectly enables you to do something that you would otherwise not have time for. Research shows a clear link between water and skills, innovation and decent job creation. 
Women And Water - Now I Have Water. Then What? (A Woman's Crisis)
Women And Water - Now I Have Water. Then What? (A Woman's Crisis)
The four hours that would have been inadvertently killed in water queues can be utilized in the learning of a new income-generating skill (baking, culinary skills, pottery), or the implementation of innovative methods and technologies such as groundwater management, community-based irrigation and rainwater management. 

People develop new skill sets and competencies when resources allow them to do so. 
Access to water directly improves people's livelihoods in so many ways.

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