Imagine What You Could Do If You Just Had More Water!

You have got the basic individual needs. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, flushing the toilets, washing the car. 

Perhaps some home gardening for that fresh Spinach for the evening meal. Your local small businesses: Mai Shami at the corner there with her local Canteen, Mukoma Sam with his car wash every morning, Aunty Shelly the exceptional hairdresser. 

The community garden. The primary school. The local clinic.
Imagine What You Could Do If You Just Had More Water!
Imagine What You Could Do If You Just Had More Water!
Now, Mai Shami, Aunt Shelly and the ladies from the community garden have a Mukando. A round. And they have done quite well for themselves. They buy groceries in bulk, they change their pots and kitchenware regularly, their bedrooms are really keeping up with the times. 

Somehow, however, they still have to wait in queues for water when the council taps run dry. Now, imagine if their Mukando was for boreholes. Imagine what they could do if they just had access to more water.

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