How Farms In Zimbabwe Can Benefit From A Water Borehole!

Water is an incredibly important yet expensive resource that farms rely on to run successfully. Whether your farm grows crops or raises livestock, water is needed to clean, feed, irrigate and keep your farm running smoothly.

Unfortunately, most agricultural businesses are at the mercy of the mains water supply. This leaves farmers with few options on the amount that they need to spend on keeping their farms running. With rising prices and often unreliable supplies, mains water is becoming a far less viable option within the agriculture industry. This is why many farms are opting for a solution that offers sustainability, control and reliability in their water supply.

Water Boreholes have often been used in rural areas where the water supply is insufficient for the needs of an agricultural business but, in more recent years, they have become a way for farmers to save money and improve their output. With much of Zimbabwe able to access the water-rich aquifers and tap into a private water supply, those who have trouble getting the quality and amount of water that they need are finding a solution in a borehole.
How Farms In Zimbabwe Can Benefit From A Water Borehole!
How Farms In Zimbabwe Can Benefit From A Water Borehole!
Due to the high levels of water required from a farm, it can be possible to recover the costs of a borehole installation within a few years. In fact, the higher your water usage, the more you have to gain and the more quickly your borehole will begin to pay for itself. When installed with quality materials by engineers who understand how to design a long-living borehole, as well as being looked after properly, a borehole can last for years with just maintenance costs as an overhead.

In addition to the lower running costs that motivate most farmers to make the change to a borehole water solution, there are also further benefits that can bring to your business. With no concern for bills, crop farmers are able to use up to 20,000 litres per day at no charge to maintain a healthy crop without any concern for loss of supply. 

Furthermore, with protection from drought, your business can continue to be profitable even when others are unable to continue. Some dairy farmers have even suggested that the quality and temperature of well water improves the milk yield and lowers the time needed to use the milk chiller in warm weather.

If you are interested in installing a water borehole on your farm, speak to Nakiso Borehole Drilling. We will be able to advise you on the viability of your location, the potential water supply, and how to maintain your borehole properly to ensure a sustainable, reliable supply. Our team can offer expert knowledge on how your farm can benefit, and whether you’ll need an abstraction licence.

Those requiring more than 20,000 litres per day require a licence from the government. For farms, it’s easy to reach this limit as water is used for so many functions. This is primarily to ensure that the government are aware of the amount of water being used in each area. It also offers protection; once you own the abstraction licence for your borehole, it prevents other users from interrupting or affecting your water supply in any way. For many agricultural businesses, this offers a level of security that’s vital.

Agricultural businesses such as farms should speak to Nakiso Borehole Drilling about what a borehole can offer them. Our experts will be happy to help.

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