Where Does Borehole Water Comes From!

Borehole Water comes from rain and rivers leaks through layers of rock from underground areas. Water layers of rock or clay separate and restrict underground water bodies at different depths, in different areas. 

These areas are called aquifers.

Hard rock aquifers can have their aquifer yield boosted by natural cracking. Groundwater is stored and transported in solid and naturally occurring breakages within the rock. Boreholes are drilled into a network of cracks that yield water.

Is Borehole Water Safe to Drink?

All spring and most bottled water are Borehole Water from the ground, 64% of South Africans survive on groundwater so yes. If you are going to drink from this water source, we always advise having it analysed at a water lab just to make 100% sure that it is fit for consumption.

How Can Borehole Water Be Polluted?

Just like rivers, water in aquifers can flow in a direction as it moves through the ground. It can dissolve chemicals or minerals. Groundwater pollution is a serious problem and can occur when man-made products, such as fuel, oil, fertiliser and chemicals, get into the groundwater and cause it to become unsafe for human consumption.

Are Borehole Water Pollutants A Health Risk?

Some contaminants are can cause a stain, smell and discolouration. An example of this is in some metropolitan areas where iron oxide leaches out of the soil and causes a red-brown stain on walls and footpaths.

The Best Way to Use Borehole Water

The best way to use Borehole Water is with respect and to use it sparingly, allowing the resource to serve you for as long as possible. It is always advisable to have Borehole Water tested by a reputable laboratory prior to consumption or for use in food preparation and cooking. 
Where Does Borehole Water Comes From!

Have it treated if necessary and ensure the safety of all users.

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