Check These Advantages and Disadvantages of Irrigation Systems

Done efficiently and professionally, irrigation can help plants grow, prevent water waste and complement a flexible lifestyle. 

However, installed incorrectly or designed poorly, an irrigation system can lead to water waste and over or underwatering of your plants. It is important to choose a system that is right for you and make sure it is installed professionally to maximise the benefits.

Types Of Irrigation

Irrigation systems can be manual or automatic. Manual systems require you to turn taps on and off whereas automatic systems will water your plants without you doing anything.

The type of irrigation system that is right for you will depend upon the topography of your garden, what plants you have and your lifestyle.

1. Drip irrigation functions by dripping water at a slow rate onto a specific area. This means you can direct the water precisely only your plants’ roots and avoid water waste.
Check These Advantages and Disadvantages of Irrigation Systems
Check These Advantages and Disadvantages of Irrigation Systems
2. Sprinkler irrigation delivers a spray of water to a specific area. Multiple sprinkler heads can be attached to a pipe to water your plants.

3. Furrow irrigation is very basic and involves creating trenches in the soil where water can flow and reach all the plants within the garden bed.

4. Terraced irrigation is used when your garden is on a slope. Water flows down a series of steps to reach all the layers from top to bottom.

What Are The Advantages Of Irrigation?

Having a well designed and properly installed irrigation system can make a world of difference to your garden and your lifestyle. Read below the advantages of having an irrigation system in your garden.
Check These Advantages and Disadvantages of Irrigation Systems
Check These Advantages and Disadvantages of Irrigation Systems
1. Save Time: These days most of us need to save time wherever we can. Setting up an automatic irrigation system to water your garden means you can put it out of mind.

2. Conserve Water: Throughout the year, but particularly during the summer, we should all be trying to conserve water. At Luke’s Landscaping, we are passionate about doing our part for the environment and creating water-wise irrigation for Perth homes and businesses.

Installing water-conserving irrigation in Perth gardens is a great way to reduce water waste and help the environment. Drip and sprinkler systems are far more effective at delivering the appropriate amount of water than hand watering.

3. Reduce Costs: If you are saving on water usage, you are also saving on your water bill.

4. Fewer Weeds: Drip irrigation systems can help reduce the growth of weeds in your garden because the water is supplying your plants’ roots directly. Avoiding giving water to weeds is a good way to help keep them under control.

5. Prevent Diseases: If your water is directly at a plant’s roots with a drip irrigation system, you are less likely to create mould or spread plant diseases. That’s because mould and diseases thrive in a moist environment, and can become a problem when water is caught on leaves and flowers.

6. Keep Soil Healthy: Watering by hand with a hose has a much heavier flow than the light spray of irrigation systems. A hose can disrupt soil, and cause nutrients to run off. In contrast, the light spray of an irrigation system will keep these nutrients in the soil so that your plants can thrive.

7. Allows For A Flexible Lifestyle: An irrigation system can be set up to run automatically. That means you can go on with life without worrying. If you travel a lot, you can trust your irrigation system to look after the garden while you’re gone.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Irrigation?

The disadvantages of irrigation systems usually arise from poor design or inefficient installation. A sub-optimal irrigation system can lead to water waste, overwatering or underwatering of your garden.
Check These Advantages and Disadvantages of Irrigation Systems
Check These 5 Types Of Irrigation Systems in Zimbabwe
To get the most out of an irrigation system, it is important to choose the right one for your property, the climate you live in and the plants in your garden. If you need assistance with this, the team at Luke’s Landscaping are experts in designing, installing and maintaining Reticulation Perth gardens thrive with.

Give us a call today on +263 78 860 8009 to see how we can help you and your garden enjoy all the advantages of a professional irrigation system.

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