March Is Water Action Month!

Join Nakiso Borehole Drilling for the month of global action calling for a better future for all.

In March, we celebrate the contribution that organisations like ours are making in the global advocacy around World Water Day, led by UN-Water, every 22nd of March every year.

End Water Poverty members have celebrated this important day for many years. We as Nakiso Borehole Drilling are so passionate about WATER that we decided to celebrate for a whole month of action to stand together and call for a better and more sustainable WATER future!

The month of global action in March provides a platform for organisations and communities to stand together with one common voice, calling for change. We demand long term, systemic change - a world where no one is left behind, and everyone has their rights to water and sanitation realised.
March Is Water Action Month!
March Is Water Action Month! 
The annual global Water Action Month campaign helps ensure that WASH is a top priority and that the vulnerable and most marginalised groups are not left behind. Safely managed water and sanitation for all will make early successes and sustainable progress possible across so many of the Global Goals, and truly end inequality.

We have to make every second count and work together, to realise a better future for all.

The aim of Water Action Month is to achieve change – a change that ultimately leads to an end to the water and sanitation crisis. Water Action Month is a platform to make demands of decision-makers, and in return see renewed commitments and prioritisation of WASH.
March Is Water Action Month!
March Is Water Action Month!
Water is life and we must all unite for change and demand water and sanitation for all. It is critical we leave no one behind. Now is the time for a sustainable change!


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