Devolution Funds Finance Boreholes in Chirumhanzu

New Ziana - The devolution funding programme initiated by the government has borne a lot of fruit in Chirumhanzu constituency in the Midlands Province where several boreholes have been drilled, and others repaired in different wards, among other things.

Besides drilling of new boreholes, the Devolution Fund has also helped in the rehabilitation of other important infrastructure, in a development which has benefited residents, schools and clinics.

Member of Parliament for Chirumhanzu Constituency, Barbra Rwodzi said the projects were being carried out under the Devolution Fund in an effort to provide water and other services in critical institutions like schools and clinics with maternity wards.

Apart from schools and clinics, Rwodzi said the boreholes will also benefit villagers who have been walking long distances to fetch water.
Devolution Funds Finance Boreholes in Chirumhanzu

“One of our main objectives for the term is to ensure that villagers walk less than 2km to fetch water particularly women,” she said.

The legislator said there was a team currently deployed in the constituency drilling and repairing old boreholes.

A local company won the tender to drill boreholes in Chirumhanzu and has so far drilled boreholes in Ward 3, 8 and 9.

“Many thanks to other government departmental heads and their teams in the district that are supporting devolution projects in various ways that involve meetings on how funds should be disbursed, utilized, monitored and evaluated and providing other equipment,” Rwodzi said.

The Chirumhanzu MP said it is DDF and council’s responsibility to undertake such projects, but they were, however, facing challenges, hence her intervention.

“Nothing beats team spirit, let’s keep working relentlessly and diligently despite the prevailing challenges,” said Rwodzi.
Devolution Funds Finance Boreholes in Chirumhanzu
Devolution Funds Finance Boreholes in Chirumhanzu
She said the key to success was putting the little resources available to good use towards changing livelihoods for the benefit of the communities.

Chirumhanzu Rural District Council chief executive officer, Lovemore Chatikobo said the local authority had plans to drill 11 boreholes.

Local authorities countrywide are implementing infrastructure development projects like school, clinic, road and bridge construction using devolution funds.

The government has to date released $69 million to all the 14 local authorities in the Midlands Province in devolution funding for the implementation of community projects. New Ziana

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