• Boreholes A Good Investment - Check The Benefits Of Water Boreholes

    A water borehole is an excellent way to access pure and natural underground water. 

    A borehole is a small open, narrow shaft that is drilled vertically or horizontally into the ground to provide access to the water table below.

    Benefits of water boreholes:

    - If the underground water is pure, natural and mainly accumulated from rain, the water is free of added chemicals, micro-organisms and rich in minerals.

    - Water from a borehole is available around the clock.
    Boreholes A Good Investment - Check The Benefits Of Water Boreholes
    - In rural areas, women are usually responsible for collecting water and they benefit by having a borehole as it lightens the burden of carrying water over long distances, saves time and reduces the danger of having to walk alone to fetch water.
    - Households and communities with boreholes are self-reliant, they determine and manage their water usage and they do not have to adhere to municipal water restrictions.

    - Boreholes are beneficial to agricultural projects, farming activities and even construction projects. 

    - Water is used for irrigation, maintaining parks and gardens, for crops, livestock and for construction purposes.

    Where to start?

    Having a borehole drilled requires very specific skills and expertise. The lifespan of a borehole is 10 to 15 years meaning you would be making a long term investment. 

    If you don't do your homework, a borehole could easily become a long term headache.

    - Determine if there are any other boreholes in your neighbourhood or area and where and which way the aquifer is running.

    - Employ a professional, registered and recognised company that offers a complete service and ask for at least three references, especially clients who had their boreholes for a couple of years as it would provide proof of workmanship and after-sales service.

    - Familiarise yourself with the municipal by-laws and regulations and take your neighbours and environmental factors into consideration.

    - Ensure that there are no water or sewerage pipes or electric cables under the ground where the drilling will take place.

    - Check the credibility of the pump installer and electrician and ensure that the pump is adequate
    Whether water is found or not, the client carries the cost, be financially and emotionally prepared for any scenario.
    Boreholes A Good Investment - Check The Benefits Of Water Boreholes
    - Ensure that the borehole adheres to safety regulations and that maintenance is done on a regular basis.

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