• Water Relief For Zengeza Residents

    The community of Chitungwiza, especially Zengeza 5, which like the rest of the country has been experiencing severe water shortages, heaved a huge sigh of relief following the sinking of a borehole at Glory Ministries in the suburb by a good samaritan.

    Chitungwiza also bore the brunt of the cholera epidemic of 2008, which claimed over 4 000 lives. Lately, council water — which used to be available at least three days in a week — is hardly ever available.

    This has forced most Chitungwiza residents to rely on shallow wells, where some enterprising residents are selling the commodity for an average of $1,50 for a 20-litre bucket, making the intervention of Nakiso — a new player in the borehole drilling industry — a timely relief. “Water is life, this is a huge relief for the church as far as the provision of water, and clean water for that purpose is now on our doorstep.

    “We are currently building and before this noble gesture we were relying on water from surrounding areas which was a bit taxing on the congregants because they had to travel longer distances to fetch the precious liquid.”
    Water Relief For Zengeza Residents

    Glory Ministries founder Pride Sibiya told the Daily News. “This is also a huge relief for the Zengeza community and the people of Chitungwiza in general. Our water challenges are well documented and this will come as a huge relief for everyone in this part of the country.”

    Nakiso managing director Lincoln Masiyenyama said in most African societies, Zimbabwe included, women are regarded as collectors, managers and guardians of water, resulting in them missing other life opportunities. “It actually got to our attention when I saw people, most of them women, queuing for water.

    “We also saw children in the queues as early as 2am so we decided to empower churches and started with Glory Ministries,” said Masiyenyama. “People can’t do without water. The most painful thing is that it’s affecting women. “They’re the ones who make sure the family is fed, the children are taken care of, toilets are clean on top of all the other household chores. “We have our motto that says ‘it’s not the first and it’s not the last’.

    We will be identifying more areas to drill boreholes as part of our corporate social responsibility.”

    Source: www.dailynews.co.zw
    Written By: Austin Karonga (Staff Writer)
    Email: karongaa@dailynews.co.zw
    Water Relief For Zengeza Residents
    Water Relief For Zengeza Residents
    Water Relief For Zengeza Residents

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