Check These Simple Ways To Protect Your Borehole!

Your source of water is critical for you and your family’s health and general well-being. While many people rely on municipal water, a lot of homeowners obtain their drinking water from a borehole. 

If you depend on a borehole as your supply of water, it is important that you take special care to protect your water source from contamination. Listed below are a few simple ways you can protect your borehole, and thereby, shield your entire household.

1. Test Frequently: Prevention is better than cure. Have reliable water treatment services in your area test your borehole annually for nitrates, pH levels, total coliform bacteria, and total dissolved solids. 

If you suspect that other contaminants may be present in the water, be sure to let the testing company know. You may also contact your local health department for a list of common substances and its percentage in your groundwater. If you have young children or elderly folk in your household, you may want to test the water more frequently as they are more vulnerable to pollutants than others.
Check These Simple Ways To Protect Your Borehole!
2. Invest in a Borehole Cover: Investing in a borehole cap or cover is one of the most effective ways to protect your borehole; and to prevent insects, rodents, objects, and other critters from falling inside, and contaminating your water source. The cover must be in excellent condition, and must be replaced when you begin to see signs of wear and tear. This is because the smallest of opening in the surface can act as a point of entry for insects that can make your water unsafe to use. There are various caps available on the market that can properly seal out bacteria.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance: Boreholes, like most other things, also requires regular service and maintenance. You must have a reputable company check the condition of the equipment, ensure that the borehole casing is in pristine condition, and also make sure that your water table has not dropped. 

As a part of these scheduled borehole services, your borehole technician can also resolve any problem that could turn into a catastrophic situation, and call for a complete replacement. However, it is prudent that you hire a professional who is adept to handle the job for you. 

Without the right kind of equipment, it can be dangerous to inspect a borehole; and many a time, an amateur may drop items into the borehole, or even worse, come in contact with electricity when dealing with a submersible pump.

It is needless to say that your water well needs regular inspections to be able to provide your family with an uninterrupted supply of clean and fresh water.

Check These Simple Ways To Protect Your Borehole!
Check These Simple Ways To Protect Your Borehole!
Check These Simple Ways To Protect Your Borehole!

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