• Bishop Pride Sibiya Endorses Nakiso Borehole Drilling

    Glory Ministries founder and president, Bishop Pride Sibiya has publicly endorsed Nakiso Borehole Drilling as a reputable, clean water provision firm.

    The seal of approval by the respected servant of God, who has previously endorsed various other brands, comes after the drilling of a borehole at Bethel worship Centre in Chitungwiza recently, as part of Nakiso Borehole Drilling’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

    The water provision, according to Bishop Sibiya will transform the church and community as the nation endures recurrent water shortages, while authorities battle to confront the recurrent scarcity.

    “Let me publicly endorse Nakiso Borehole Drilling. If you want healthy water provision company, please visit them today, they will offer a perfect job for you,” Bishop Sibiya said.
    Bishop Pride Sibiya Endorses Nakiso Borehole Drilling
    Bishop Pride Sibiya Endorses Nakiso Borehole Drilling 
    He added that clean water provision will also help the church meet its social relevance vision in order to convert souls to Christ. “Part of our vision is to be relevant to the community socially and God has availed his people to provide solutions to the community.”

    Nakiso Borehole Drilling intends to avail similar project to other needy communities, in order to fulfil their tagline: water is life, according to the Chief Executive Officer, Lincoln Masiyenyama.

    “We saw a persistent water problem and decided to offer a solution to the nation, especially women and children who spend long hours gathering water. We intend to do similar projects around the country to alleviate our people from water problems.”

    Clean water provision will save lives and women, who are often regarded as collectors, managers and guardians of water gathering, thereby missing other life opportunities. On average, women spend 60 percent of each day collecting water.

    Chitungwiza is still recuperating from a cholera outbreak that killed thousands in 2008, due to lack of clean water.

    “I am feeling excited because our prayer for water provision has been answered. We appreciate Nakiso Borehole Drilling for providing water as this will increase our life expectancy because three-quarters of our bodies is made up of water.

    “The borehole will improve the lives of the community, while God provides people with solutions where authorities have failed. We will take measures to protect the community by also protecting the community by maintaining certain norms,” mentioned Bishop Pride Sibiya during the borehole drilling event.

    The new borehole is in line with Glory Ministries theme: Give me this mountain, while the building project is set to continue in earnest with a reliable source of water.

    “We had a problem in our community and we had to go to travel distances to fetch water for use at the church and our homes. With the borehole nearby, it will save us time,” noted a resident, David Kariwo.
    Bishop Pride Sibiya Endorses Nakiso Borehole Drilling
    Bishop Pride Sibiya Endorses Nakiso Borehole Drilling 
    Bishop Pride Sibiya Endorses Nakiso Borehole Drilling
    Bishop Pride Sibiya Endorses Nakiso Borehole Drilling 

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