Borehole Drilling In Zimbabwe - 5 Things You Need To Know Before Installing A Borehole

Water is an essential need in our daily lives. We drink it, use it for taking baths, for laundry, for cooking, for cleaning, for flushing the toilet, washing your beloved car, and almost every other things. 

No one can deny its importance so it is always a number one priority of every household.

But, if you need extra water to fill in swimming pools, flourishing your beautiful garden, or maybe to service a multi-hectare irrigation plan, then there is nothing better than a borehole that beats a source of cost-effective water where it is needed.

Boreholes: Boreholes are shafts that are drilled into the ground horizontally or vertically. Even though these shafts are narrow, they are very deep. An installed water borehole taps into aquifers or underground stores of water that is created through rain and evaporation in the permeable geological matter.

Boreholes are drilled and lined with a good casing and screen. Just around the screen, an annulus is placed and then packed with rounded inert silica sand or gravel that acts as a filter. To prevent polluted surface water to enter the borehole, a seal near the borehole’s top closes the drill holes in the pipe. After that, a sealed chamber is installed that houses the surface valve and well-head and a stainless steel pump is submerged into the hole.

If you think you might need a borehole at home, there are a few things you need to know first before installing one:
Borehole Drilling In Zimbabwe - 5 Things You Need To Know Before Installing A Borehole
Borehole Drilling In Zimbabwe - 5 Things You Need To Know Before Installing A Borehole
1. Dry Holes: Because this water supply is too deep, drilling contractors cannot guarantee that the borehole will hit the water. Therefore, you shall take a risk and regardless of the result it yields, you will still be responsible for the cost of the borehole.

The potential success of hitting the water would be around 65 to 70% only. However, if you ask a professional water dowser to assist your drillers, then you will have a 90 to 95% success rate. But there is still a risk. If you are lucky, the first drill will be the last one. However, if you are unlucky that day then you might ask for another hole and cause you to pay more.

2. Borehole’s Life: If all equipment is of high quality and the borehole is installed properly without any defect, 20 years of life can be expected for all major components.

3. Noise And Damage: Drilling causes noise pollution which might annoy your neighbours. It is also a messy process so you are advised to give a heads up to your neighbours and ask for their patience. Modern drilling rigs are heavy and very large.

This means that in the process of drilling, even though the contractor has taken reasonable care, unavoidable damages might still occur on your property, particularly in garden areas. In such cases, contractors cannot be held responsible. So you are advised to remove anything of value away from the drilling area or do a complete makeover in cases of damages.

4. Cost Of Borehole’s Installation: Boreholes require a good investment. Get in touch with Nakiso Borehole Drilling to confirm the kind of financial investment you need to make.

5. Borehole Registration: Zimbabwe National Water says groundwater for domestic purposes needs to be registered. 

A borehole adds significant value to your property and it will be a good investment over a period of time. 

So, if you plan to have a borehole at home, choose only experienced borehole drilling companies in order to ensure that you will get most of your risk and expenses.

Nakiso Borehole Drilling: Your Trusted Partner for Safe, Sustainable Water Access

At Nakiso Borehole Drilling, we are your comprehensive partner for unlocking reliable water on your property. Our highly skilled team tackles all drilling projects, from standard boreholes to specialized Blast Hole and RC Drilling. We handle everything in-house for a seamless experience, encompassing expert borehole siting, efficient drilling, and pump installation – solar, electric, or manual – tailored to your specific needs. With Nakiso, your reliable water source is just a drill away.

We don't just strive to be the best; we maintain the industry's strictest quality standards and are committed to sustainable practices for the future of Zimbabwe's water security.

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Five Facts About Borehole Drilling That You Need To Take Note Of:
1. Know Your Borehole Casings:The Preferred Borehole Casing In Zimbabwe Is Class 9 and 10 (Pressure Classes.)This is because Class 9 and Class 10 Casings are more collapse resistant. The strength of a Casing is often described as collapse resistance.

2. Borehole Drilling Depth: The exact depth, of where the water is located, cannot be established by the drilling contractor nor the Water Surveyor (Borehole Siter).

3. The Is No 100% Guarantee On Water: It is important to note that it is never a 100% guarantee that any hole will yield water, the amount and water quality can also not be guaranteed by the drilling contractor and water surveyor.

4. Borehole Siting or Water Surveying Is Important: Making use of a hydrologist or traditional water diviner will increase your chances of having a successful borehole that will yield a sufficient amount of water.

5. Know The Risks: The risk of the borehole drilling lies with the property owner. The client will still be liable for the drilling costs irrespective of a borehole yielding water or not.

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