Check These 4 Important Borehole Maintenance Tips!

Once a borehole pumping solution is installed by our highly professional team, it should be able to give you reliable trouble-free service for a long time.

However, keeping the system well maintained is extremely important in order to obtain the best service from the equipment. Remember, a borehole system is a significant investment and thus, proper care and maintenance should be given to it as much as possible.

If you carry out regular service, you can be able to extend its lifetime and also maintain a good efficiency.

We shall highlight 4-top tips to get this right.
Check These 4 Important Borehole Maintenance Tips!
1. Test your water regularly: It’s generally recommended to test your water at least once a year. The test is carried out for bacteria, nitrates, iron, manganese, water hardness, sulfides and other water contaminants.

It is also advisable to carry out water testing whenever you notice a change in taste, odour or appearance of the borehole water.

2. Leave it to the experts: It’s imperative that whenever you need to carry out any equipment maintenance that you contact a professional team to handle this. It is tempting for borehole owners to try and do their own maintenance work on the borehole, or seek out ‘cheaper service’ elsewhere, in order to save on costs. However, this can lead to irreversible damage to their borehole equipment and consequently, affect the water supply.

Professional borehole maintenance companies have the expertise and equipment to be able to carry this out properly.

A seemingly simple broken well cap may seem easy to attempt to repair, but it can end up with the borehole pump falling through to the bottom of the well. This would really be unfortunate.

As a rule of thumb, always, leave this to the experts.

3. Keep the borehole area well protected: Once the pump is properly installed, make arrangements to secure the area where the borehole is located. This can be done by building a pump housing around it while ensuring access to the equipment for future retrieval for service.

This will help prevent damage to the pipework, well cap and the casing. If any damage is caused by animals, humans or machinery such as reversing vehicles, it may adversely affect the borehole pump, and consequently the water supply.

Fouled water from nearby dump sites, pit latrines as well as surface runoffs after storms, must not be allowed to contaminate the borehole water, so these must be directed away from the borehole.

4. Only go for the professional: There are many companies that can carry out borehole maintenance. 

However, for best results that will, in the long run, prove to be inexpensive (and leave a smile on your face), always choose to work with the professionals. When choosing the company to carry this out, look out for these tell-tale signs.

Does the contractor have their own specialized equipment to get the job done?
What do the clients of the contractor have to say about their services? Make sure to give them a ring. 

Ask for referrals from the contractor.

Ask for a detailed explanation of the tasks to be undertaken during the maintenance process? Compare this to what other contractors are offering.

Check also if the contractor has any liability insurance and safety & health procedures in place.

If you would like more information about borehole maintenance, kindly contact us. We shall be more than happy to serve you.

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