Check These Borehole Maintenance Tips in Zimbabwe!

At Nakiso Borehole Drilling, we offer affordable Borehole Maintenance Services. Anything mechanical and with moving parts suffers wear and tear over time.

Be it a car, a wheelbarrow or a bicycle, failure to maintain these machines will result in the machine finally stopping. This is the same thing with boreholes.

For most people who rely on borehole water supply, either for domestic or commercial use than keeping it maintained is extremely important. With regular borehole maintenance check-ups, you can not only extend the working life of the borehole but also maintain its efficiency and borehole yield.

Boreholes should not just be drilled and forgotten. They also need to be kept in good shape and maintenance. Borehole maintenance does not have to be something serious and massive. Just some simple things can keep your borehole in good shape and condition for years and years.
Check These Borehole Maintenance Tips in Zimbabwe!
Check These Borehole Maintenance Tips in Zimbabwe!
1. You should Avoid Servicing Your Borehole on Your Own: Although this is tempting for homeowners and businesses, this can often lead to irreversible damage to the borehole water supply. 

The probability that bacteria and other water objects will get into the water supply when the cap is opened will be high, leading to the pump being stuck. Borehole Drilling Services has specialist knowledge and equipment to keep systems operational and water safe from any form of contamination.

2. Regular Water Testing is Advisable: Testing water regularly for bacteria, nitrates/nitrites and other local contaminants are important. Other tests that can be done are those that seek to determine the presence of minerals like manganese, iron, sulfides etc. It is advisable for homeowners to have this done at least once a year.
Check These Borehole Maintenance Tips in Zimbabwe!
Check These Borehole Maintenance Tips in Zimbabwe!
3. Prevention Will Always be Better Than Cure: As mentioned in the beginning, a borehole installation is just like a bicycle. Solving a problem when it is still small and easily fixable is better and less expensive than solving the problem when it is at an advanced stage. Borehole owners are advised to constantly inspect parts of their boreholes to make sure there is no damage and if any is discovered, appropriate measures and repairs have taken.

For all your borehole maintenance services in Harare and Zimbabwe, contact us today and we will do all is necessary to ensure your borehole is always running efficiently and smoothly.

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